One Touch Ultra 2

Why you should get the One Touch Ultra 2 and places to get this free glucose meter

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level amid all the temptations of fatty and sugary foods is hard. The trick used by those who keep their bodies healthy is to regularly monitor their sugar levels and change their eating habits whenever there is a significant negative change. The One Touch ultra 2 is a great blood glucose-monitoring tool that anyone can use it with remarkable results because of what it has to offer over the competition.

Main Advantages of the One Touch Ultra 2

This is an upgrade of the initial One Touch Ultra and it comes with a new feature for taking readings before and after meals. Actually, it lets users take readings at different times throughout the day. The user only needs to program it appropriately and this eliminates the need to keep a separate record of the times when each reading takes place. In addition, users can add comments to the readings of their blood sugar levels. This friendly feature enables anyone to have a review of the effects of their meals on their health. The monitor gives an average measurement when demanded, on each combination of input that users make on it, and this immediately shows the health condition of the person. It also keeps a history log for all readings taken.

It has a fast reading and response time; it only takes 5 seconds. This handy feature lets anyone use the kit at all times of the day. Users do not have to dedicate a special time away for any other work just to take a glucose reading. With the One Touch Ultra 2, and its short response time, one can simply excuse him or herself and take a reading. The whole process should be quicker than a bathroom break.

The One Touch ultra 2 provides a comfortable reading experience in low light areas and at night thanks to the backlight technology. In today’s world, it is a norm for any electronic gadget with a screen to have back lighting technology and this kit is not an exception. As a user, this is what you would expect but unfortunately most other kits fail to include backlighting technology and for this reason, the ultra 2 gets an upper hand.

Other attractive features

This monitor lacks useless extra features that would make it very complicated and hard to use. The simplicity characteristic of the One Touch Ultra 2 makes it possible for users to have a tight control of their blood glucose levels. The Delica lancing system used on the One Touch Ultra 2 works well for everyone and is thinner than most of the competition. This makes it easy to insert. It is made of robust materials; therefore, it will survive several drops on hard surfaces. The selling price for the One Touch Ultra 2 is reasonable enough when you compare it with the benefits that this equipment will bring to your health monitoring tasks.

Some insurer providers liaise with hospitals and pharmacies to provide their policyholders with free or subsidized kits. For a free kit go to and submit your information, thereafter you will go through a verification process before getting your free kit from LifeScan though its affiliate partners. Another option is to go with MedicAlert® as your health care provider and you will get either One Touch Ultra 2 or One Touch Ultra Mini at no cost.

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